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    Dear students from Asia and Africa!

    If you already chose your future faculty, then it’s a right time to start your registration! Please fill in the following application form.

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  • Eric Medina (West Chicago Community High School) and his mother Martina

    Departments and Programs

    Enrolment Adviser will inform you about the admission requerments and details on starting dates in European University once the application is submited. If you need more information, please follow this link.

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    Costs and Financial Aid

    Applying for a degree in a new country sounds like it might be complicated. But it really isn’t. Our admissions process is designed to be as simple, clear and logical as possible.
    You get the visa and start your new exciting journey in the bright future. Our team meets a freshman in the airport and organize a nice excurssion in the modern part of the city and LBK (if requested).
    Looking forward to see you in LBK

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